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  • Ajwa

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    They are delightfully soft and fruity , quite dark in color and tend to be more drier. The taste has been described as moderately sweet and smooth, with a ‘melt in your mouth’ distinction. They are normally smaller in size compared to Ajwa Awwal.

  • Ajwa awwal

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    Ajwa awwal dates, also known as the ‘Holy Date’ are a unique kind of dates which are from the Awali Region of Madinah Shariff. They have a unique round form and a deep crimson hue that is black with it’s rich flavor and fine texture. They are distinctly drier variety of dates with a smooth, silky sweetness that melts in your mouth.
    They are the grade 1 quality among the ajwa variety.

  • Ambar

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    They are jumbo sized dates, plump, moist and luscious. Ambar dates have a deep amber-brown color with a slightly crinkly skin that shimmers from natural sugar crystals. They are the largest of the Al Madinah Dates with a soft and fleshy dry nature. When mixed with honey and vanilla essence, this sweet and tangy flavor can help you feel more energized.

  • Dates seeds coffee

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  • Mabroum

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    Mabroum dates are very soft, nutritious and rich in taste type of dates. They have a slender, firmer and longer bodies as compared to other dates. They are dark brown in color with flexible wrinkles on them. Some of them from Al Qassim region happen to have a light red bronze skin and the brown flesh is softer and drier in texture. Mabroum dates have a lingering toffee like taste and are comparatively less sugary. High in fiber and antioxidants which promote brain health.

  • Matwag

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  • Medjool

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    Popularly referred to as the King Of Dates. They are considered to be the world’s oldest fruit. They are most popularly know for their large size, soft texture and rich flavor. Medjool dates have a sweet caramel like flavor with a hint of cinnamon and honey mingled in. They work well in smoothies, cakes, nakes and cereals.

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